Cafeteria workers learn to make healthy from-scratch entrees

Though students are out of the classroom for the summer, cafeteria nutritionists and workers from across Tennessee were hard at work in the Orchard Knob Elementary School cafeteria, serving up a hearty blend of healthy meats, grains and vegetables that will grace students' lunch trays in the fall.

The purpose of the program, Back to Basics, is to demonstrate healthier options to school nutritionists and cafeteria chefs, according to Cyndie Story, a chef and child nutritionist of 25 years from Scottsville, Ky. Story led about 20 nutritionists in making from-scratch entrees rather than the processed food -- such as chicken nuggets -- with which students are more familiar.

Back to Basics lasted 10 hours over Monday and Tuesday and was a precursor to the School Nutrition Association conference being held this week in Chattanooga.