'Colbert Report' features Scott DesJarlais abortion flap

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photo U.S. Rep. Scott DesJarLais

"The Colbert Report" targeted U.S. Rep. Scott DesJarlais from Tennessee Wednesday night, lampooning the pro-life congressman's abortion scandal.

The satirical political show on Comedy Central featured revelations that the Jasper, Tenn., physician urged a patient with whom he had a sexual relationship to get an abortion a dozen years ago.

Show host Stephen Colbert recognized the congressman as the show's "Alpha Dog of the Week," highlighting a statement on DesJarlais' website which says "all life should be cherished and protected."

"DesJarlais recently proved his flexibility by lifting his leg," Colbert said, "and peeing on his own position."

In a Times Free Press interview last week, DesJarlais verified a transcript documenting a 2000 telephone conversation with the unnamed patient. They met when she visited his office seeking treatment for a foot injury.

"Shocking!" Colbert said. "A conservative Republican congressman was caught having an illicit affair - and it wasn't with a man."

DesJarlais has said there was no pregnancy.

"He is still adamantly against abortion," Colbert said, "except when it endangers the political life of the father."

A poll released by DesJarlais' opponent, Democrat Eric Stewart, showed the 4th Congressional District race in a "dead heat" Wednesday - the first day of early voting. DesJarlais' campaign later noted their internal polling shows their support is "strong."