5-at-10: They said what? No way

Man we're in a tight spot.

We tippy-toed into the headlines of the day, and every where we looked, we saw storylines that stretched belief. It's a riddle, wrapped in an enigma surrounded by confusion.

Seriously, we're in a tight a spot.

So with a nod to Friday's mail bag - we have a spot or two open - here's the first "No way" 5-at-10

From the "Talks too much studios," let's get to if...

photo UTC quarterback Terrell Robinson carries as Glenville State's Ian Andrews, left, and Nate Ingersoll approach.

UTC wrestles with the next step

It's Homecoming week for the UTC Mocs. They have Appy State on the schedule (you could ask the schedule maker why they put App as the Homecoming game, but that's a different debate).

We spoke with coach Russ Huesman at his media event Tuesday. He is hungry for big plays, better special teams and more turnovers. That makes him like every coach not named Nick Saban in the country.

Huesman's program is starving for a win of this magnitude. There figures to be a strong crowd on a glorious Saturday in September at Finley this weekend. (In fact the entire 5-at-10 clan is planning on attending.)

None of this falls into the "No way" category. And we're OK with that because we know what's coming.

But before we get there - and we're planning on discussing this more later in the week - we think it's fair to say that this game lingers near the same importance level for the Mocs that last Saturday did for the Vols. It's importance level is for different reasons of course - no one would hint that Russ needs the same flame-retardent, teflon seat protector Derek Dooley needs - but nonetheless important.

Russ and Co. have done work getting UTC to the point where competing in games like this are expected. And having been in town for 10 football seasons, that was serious work that took serious effort. Now the Mocs coaches, players and fans need the payoff.

When competing becomes the normal, winning big games must be the next step. The former has been achieved - and that is an accomplishment worthy of acclaim - but the next step looms.

As for the UTC "No way" moment, well, it's Homecoming this week, and we'd expect to see famous Chattanooga product and UTC alum Dennis "Mr. Belding" Haskins roaming the city. And if we do see him, we'll have to say, "Hey, hey, hey, what's going on Mr. Belding? We read you're now a professional wrestler."

No way? Way. http://tv.yahoo.com/news/-saved-by-the-bell-s--mr--belding-now-a-pro-wrestler.html


photo Tennessee quarterback Tyler Bray (8) throws to a receiver in the first quarter of an NCAA college football game against Florida, Saturday, Sept. 15, 2012, in Knoxville, Tenn.


OK, the 5-at-10 bought into the hype of the UT-Florida game and thought the Vols were ready for that kind of moment.

We looked back at this Monday and Tuesday we looked forward to the next mega-chance. That's part of the greatness and tragedy of the SEC, no matter what you did Saturday, the next mega-match-up is looming.

With that in mind, and with a fair tip of the 5-at-10's Tam O'shanter to Chas9, what do we make of Tyler Bray?

The details our UT ace Downtown Patrick Brown shared about Bray's view http://www.timesfreepress.com/news/2012/sep/19/vols-frustrated-bray-looks-forward/ of the Florida meltdown were far from confidence inspiring.

Bray refused to watch the film of the final 20 minutes. No way? Way.

Bray said: "That wasn't our team." Say what? No way? Way.

And then he added: "They kept scoring. I get frustrated. Anybody's going to get down and feel like they've got to make that play. You've just got to make a play. You go from throwing bombs and running backs running great and linemen blocking great to no one's doing anything great. It can get frustrating." No way? Bray.

It's fairly easy to be the man when being the man is easy. "Anybody's going to get down...." Anybody that is except good quarterbacks who have the chance to change things. Hey, we all know quarterbacks get too much praise for success and blame for failure. But that's because the they're the quarterbacks.

Bray did not take a bad angle on Frankie Hammond Jr. or miss the tackle on Trey Burton. And every one in orange from the Governor to the ground's keeper was frustrated Saturday night.

But when the heart beat of your football team stops, then your dead.


photo Vivian Vance, left, and Lucille Ball are shown in a scene from the comedy series, "I Love Lucy." Ball, who died on April 26, 1989, would have celebrated her 100th birthday on Saturday.

TV picks for the masses

We were genuinely excited about the ABC News special on the top TV shows of all-time.

Then, reading the fine print, we learned they had five predetermined nominations that were voted on by more than 1 million folks. This certainly skews the picks to the more recent and the more trendy. In fact, we believe if "Friends" had been on the list, Spy would have voted enough to make it a triple crown winner.

OK, this thing was as hollow as the Trojan horse and as deep as a downtown mud puddle, and as blah as the winners were in most cases, the finalists listed by the TV "experts" were borderline criminal.

Here are the winners and the finalists from each category

Best TV comedy: I Love Lucy (finalists: Seinfeld, M*ASH, The Cosby Show, All in the Family)

Best drama: ER (The Twilight Zone, The Sopranos, The West Wing, Mad Men)

Best Legal or Cop Show: Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (Law & Order, Colombo, 24, Hill Street Blues)

Reality Show: Dancing with the Stars (American Idol, Survivor, The Amazing Race, The Deadliest Catch)

TV Mom: Clair Huxtable (Carol Brady, Marie Barone, Marion Cunningham, June Cleaver)

TV Dad: Heathcliff Huxtable (Andy Taylor, Howard Cunningham, Al Bundy, Dan Connor)

TV host: Johnny Carson (Ellen DeGeneres, Oprah, Carol Burnett, Letterman)

Best non-human character: Kermit the Frog (Lassie, Spock, Alf, Miss Piggy)

Best variety show: Saturday Night Live (Carol Burnett Show, American Bandstand, In Living Color, The Ed Sullivan Show)

Best TV show ever: I Love Lucy (Seinfeld, M*ASH, All in the Family, Cheers)

Hey, we're only a TV expert because of the thousands of hours we have spent watching it. And this list is such total and complete junk that it's hard to know where to start.

We'll start with the kudos: Having Spock among the finalist for best non-human characters was a nice call.

As for the short-comings: ER? Really?

And for the biggest glaring sin of the entire list (and the fact that this thing has as much validity as our 5-year-old's list of best TV shows, which starts with "Jake and the Neverland Pirates" and expands to "Blue's Clues"): There is not a single mention of any of the Simpsons. Period.

No way. No flippin' way.


No way this and that

- Yunel Escobar put a gay slur in his eye black because he thought it would be funny. Wow, some people are too dumb to get out of the rain. No way. (Well, since Escobar was suspended, we'll say, no play.)

- The NFL is getting a lot of backlash because of the sub-standard of the replacement refs. No way? You mean people care about football? Since when? Seriously, this needs to be fixed sooner rather than tomorrow. Goodell, we've been on your side in most of the debates because you have guided the NFL to unforeseen heights. This needs to be fixed and cost should not be an issue. Now find a way.

- Want to know the difference between a guy that can really throw the football and a guy that can really be a great quarterback? Above we discussed Tyler Bray, and no one will doubt his supreme skills throwing a football. As for the quarterback stuff, well, did you see Matt Barkley's response after USC's humbling loss to Stanford that derailed the Trojans' national title plans and the subsequent criticism he received from all corners, including coach Lane Kiffin? "Yeah, I made some poor decisions," Barkley said Tuesday. "But that's why you watch the film and learn from it." And, "He's going to be real, you know?" Barkley said. "He is going to defend me when he has to and he's going to be real when he has to. I'm glad he's not hiding me behind a curtain or anything like that. "I know what I did. It's not like he's making fun of me or something to the public." A quarterback learning from his mistakes... No WAY.


Today's question

Feel free to toss out anything today, and feel free to comment on any of the above. (Especially the debacle that was the TV shows list.)

You can also discuss the thrower that is Tyler Bray, and after hearing his quotes from Tuesday, maybe you were right Chas9, and Jeff Driskel may be better than Bray right now.

But our question is in honor of the passing of Steve Sabol, who was the heart and soul behind NFL Films, which really advanced the NFL product in the eyes and hearts of the country. NFL Films documented the league from the beginning, and now that the NFL is everywhere that seems easy. Back then, baseball was the big thing and without NFL Films, we would be without the historical chronicle of our national pastime.

So, in honor of Sabol, and borrowing from Spy, what's the Rushmore of outside contributors to modern sports that never coached, played or worked in front office? We'll take Sabol, Roone Arledge (father of Monday Night Football and ABC sports ace), Bill Rasmussen (ESPN founder), Pete Rozelle.