5-at-10: They said what? No way

Man we're in a tight spot.

We tippy-toed into the headlines of the day, and every where we looked, we saw storylines that stretched belief. It's a riddle, wrapped in an enigma surrounded by confusion.

Seriously, we're in a tight a spot.

So with a nod to Friday's mail bag - we have a spot or two open - here's the first "No way" 5-at-10

From the "Talks too much studios," let's get to if...

photo UTC quarterback Terrell Robinson carries as Glenville State's Ian Andrews, left, and Nate Ingersoll approach.

UTC wrestles with the next step

It's Homecoming week for the UTC Mocs. They have Appy State on the schedule (you could ask the schedule maker why they put App as the Homecoming game, but that's a different debate).