Chattanooga's city landfill on Birchwood Pike cleans up its act

photo Residents who live off of Birchwood Pike have been complaining about mud, trash and debris from an adjacent landfill finding its way into their yards. Now the area is getting cleaned up.

When you ask Betty Arendale how long she's lived on Birchwood Pike, she'll tell you all about how she and her husband built their home in 1963 after buying acreage in scenic Harrison.

But if you ask her about how long Chattanooga's city landfill has been next door, she's got a short answer: too long.

Arendale and others on Birchwood Pike have had their driveways filled with mud, their yards filled with trash and their homes pummeled by rocks for decades.

Garbage trucks and residents using the public landfill leave trails of sludge and rubbish as they come and go from the nearby hole full of trash.