Tennessee high court upholds conviction in '98 case

photo Jereme Little is seen in this file photo.

The Tennessee Supreme Court has upheld a conviction and 18-year prison sentence for a 37-year-old Chattanooga man in a kidnapping case dating to 1998.

Chattanooga police arrested Jereme Dannuel Little on charges of especially aggravated kidnapping in 2005, nearly six years after an incident in which the victim said he was kidnapped and tortured by Little.

Demetrius Grayson confessed to police that he robbed Chris Rogers but fled when he thought Little was about to kill Rogers. When Little later found Grayson, he pistol-whipped him and took him to a crack house on Davenport Street, Grayson said.

Little tied Grayson to a chair, tortured him and forced him to smoke crack and eat dog feces, Grayson testified.