Business Brief: The Krystal Co. sells 1.46 million burgers

photo Krystal

The Krystal Co. sells 1.46 million burgers

The Krystal Co. sold 1.46 million of its small, steamed burgers during a 25-cent promotion Oct. 24, the company reported, well above the 1.2 million burgers Krystal sold during a similar event held last year. For four hours, the company sold an average of 4,256 Krystals per store, for a total of 82,125 pounds of beef, 3,650 pounds of onions and 570 gallons of mustard, the Atlanta-based company wrote in a news release.

"Our team put weeks of planning into this year's event," said Doug Pendergast, president and CEO of Krystal. "This type of excitement is exactly what our brand is about, and we were pleased to share Krystal's southern goodness with so many."