Westview Elementary School: A son's rampage, a parent's lament

Mental problems to blame for school vandalism rampage, suspect's parents say

photo The down spout at Westview Elementary School was damaged from Aaron Roden's alleged rampage.

photo Students and community members perform the wave while gathering around Westview Elementary school early Wednesday evening to show support after a vandal caused over $60,000 worth of damage on Tuesday.

photo Safety Inspector Frank Bilbrey, left, and Assistant Principal Ruthie Panni examine extensive damage caused by a vandal inside of a portable classroom at Westview Elementary School on Tuesday. Aaron Roden, 22, was apprehended and charged by police at the scene early Tuesday morning.

When sheriff's deputies confronted Aaron Roden inside Westview Elementary School early Tuesday morning, they saw a man wearing nothing but boxer shorts, dangling from a TV holder secured to the rafters.