Follow the money - your money

Don't you feel sorry for Tennessee lawmakers?

They've been so underpaid for so long while they've worked so hard to write amendments to ban a Tennessee income tax and to whittle at the Hall income tax on rich folks' investment income while simultaneously agreeing to ramp up faux regulations to create a de facto-ban on women's reproductive choice.

But don't worry.

Last week, our lawmakers got a raise.

Unlike other state workers, teachers and, frankly, many Tennesseans who received no raise in 2014 -- Tennessee lawmakers can now look forward to a nearly $700 increase in their annual salaries and a $10 bump in their daily allowance for expenses. And, of course, they still get their $1,000-a-month "office allowance."

The Knoxville News Sentinel reported last week that our part-time legislators' base pay would increase to $20,884 under a state law that ties their salaries to state employee compensation over the last two years.