Corning Ware collectibles: Glass expert explains why there may be money in your kitchen cabinets

Baby boomers, did you hang on to those wedding gifts of CorningWare that were so prized by new brides of the 1970s?

If so, you're in luck. They are in hot demand by collectors right now, says Dean Six. And the rarer the floral pattern, the higher the value.

"One piece of CorningWare, in a pattern not widely produced, sold on eBay recently for $7,000," Six says in a telephone interview. "It was a 1970s product that fizzled."

photo Lacy glass is early pressed glass made from 1830 to 1860. It is dubbed "lacy" because the pieces usually display an all-over pattern reminiscent of a doily, such as these pieces from the All Boston and Sandwich Co.