Nuggets from the best little White House in Washington, D.C.

Finding humorous, ironic or jaw-dropping information about President Barack Obama and what goes on around the White House is like shooting fish in a barrel. Most of the bits of information are buried in other stories, given short shrift by the mainstream media or not reported at all. This page will regularly look at some of those glimpses, which you probably haven't seen elsewhere.



Among the gems contained in left-wing Politico's recent invitation to "10 leading historians" to pontificate on President "Obama's rank in the pantheon of American presidents" is this one from Jeremy Mayer of George Mason University, who looks into the future to find "Obama was appointed to the Supreme Court by President Hillary Clinton." Other historians -- no one mentions "debt," "deficit" or "unemployment" -- opine he would have been even more successful except for the "fierce blow back from the Republican right," that his presidency offered a "pattern of good intentions waylaid by a polarized and uncooperative Congress" and that he "will be remembered as a president who, with the best of intentions, tried and failed to end stark, acrimonious polarization in Washington."