Chattanooga's Patten Towers fighting bedbugs

photo Some people in Patten Towers are complaining about bed bugs.

Sleep tight. Don't let the bedbugs bite.

A year after a fire left residents of Patten Towers displaced for a month and led to the discovery of seemingly unending problems at their building, some say that childhood expression is nothing but a dream for them.

Despite efforts by PK Management -- overseers of Patten Towers -- to eradicate the bedbugs through third-party chemical spraying, the issue persists for many who contend that the efforts to address the problem have been fruitless.

Meanwhile, PK Management says that defeating bedbugs requires a team effort that must include work by residents to prepare for spraying.

Patten Towers is more than 100 years old and houses close to 250 people, nearly all of whom are poor, disabled or elderly and receive government assistance to pay their rent.