Small Biz: The Industrial Farmhouse brings custom furniture to Chattanooga

photo David Mitchell, president and COO of the Industrial Farmhouse, talks about the workmanship that goes into their unique furniture built on West 20th Street.

• Name: The Industrial Farmhouse

• Owners: David Mitchell and Mark Oldham

• Location: 411 W. 20th Street, Chattanooga

• Service: Handmade furniture design and manufacturing

• Opened: The company filed for its articles of incorporation in March

• Staff: Eight full-time and two part-time employees

• How it got started: David Mitchell and Mark Oldham couldn't find tables that looked quite right for TerraMae Appalachian Bistro, their upscale restaurant at Stone Fort Inn. So, last September, Mitchell got creative and designed a table himself. The "TerraMae bar," as it's informally called, has been Industrial Farmhouse's most popular seller, at $595.