Jaycee joy: Misplaced residents allowed back

photo Assisted by volunteers, Jaycee Towers residents wait in line for the elevator as they return to their apartments Wednesday afternoon after spending two nights at the South Chattanooga Recreation Center as the result of a Monday fire.

After two nights away, displaced residents of Jaycee Towers returned home Wednesday afternoon.

EPB completed its repairs at 12:48 a.m. and restored power to the 18-story building near downtown Chattanooga.

That allowed the Chattanooga Fire Department to test the fire alarm system, backup lighting and other necessary functions to deem the downtown structure safe for occupancy after a Monday mechanical fire led to an evacuation of the building's estimated 150 residents, most of whom are elderly or disabled.

More than 60 of the building's tenants spent two nights on cots at the South Chattanooga Recreation Center where the Red Cross had set up a shelter.