Critics point finger at CCA: For-profit prison operator taken to task for campaign giving, operations

photo In this file photograph from 2000, an inmate walks across the yard inside the razor-wire fence at the CCA Silverdale Correctional Facility on Standifer Gap Road.

What Hamilton County taxpayers have paid Corrections Corporation of America to run Silverdale over the last five years.2010 - $12.7 million2011 - $13.5 million2012 - $13.1 million2013 - $13.1 million2014 - $13.1 millionTotal - $65.7 million

The American Civil Liberties Union has started a statewide campaign against the largest private prison company in the nation, but county officials say there's no plan to end a 30-year-old local contract with Corrections Corporation of America.

Nashville-based CCA is a private company that contracts with governments throughout the country to operate prisons and correctional facilities.