Bennett can't fool me - and more letters to the editors

Bennett can't fool me

This anti-Christ is a lover of perversion.

Exile this man to a Communist country where he will be much more at home and a happy idiot!

People like Clay Bennett will fool the TFP and Americans to its and your destruction.

Yet you glorify him. You are blind guides, becoming as worthless as you act.


Supporting voter ID law

I recently read in this newspaper that a federal judge struck down Wisconsin's voter ID law, declaring that showing a state-issued photo ID at the polls is an unfair burden on poor and minority voters.

Based on the judge's logic, the poor and minorities shouldn't have to have a state-issued driver's license to drive, shouldn't have to have ID to board a plane, shouldn't have to show ID to buy alcohol or tobacco, and shouldn't have to produce ID to cash a check.