Herron: Amendment 1 leaves no exceptions for victims of rape

A pastor called my law office. He needed legal counsel about a girl in his church. Her father had molested the girl since she was 9. Finally, when she was 14, she told friends at school. Why? Because she was pregnant with her father's child.

Ultimately, that "father" went to prison, and that child had an abortion. The father should have gone to prison. Whether the child should have had an abortion, I do not claim to know. It was not my decision to make. Nor was it a decision for politicians. The decision was made by the victim and her mother with the compassionate counsel of her doctor and pastor.

I do not trust politicians to have all the answers. Especially not horrible situations involving rape or incest. I believe that compassionate, caring, faithful adults, like that loving mother and pastor and doctor, ought to make or help make these difficult decisions.