Tennessee officials say Uncle Sam isn't the only one with April 15 tax filing deadline

Taxes tile
photo A stack of 1040 Income Tax forms sit on display in this file photo.

NASHVILLE -- While April 15 is the well-known filing deadline for paying your individual federal income tax, state Department of Revenue officials are urging Tennesseans not to forget about them.

April 15 is also the due date for some residents who pay the state's Hall income tax on dividend and interest income. And it's the deadline for corporations' franchise and excise taxes for those companies that report on a calendar year basis.

For more information about these taxes go to the state Department of Revenue's website: www.tn.gov/revenue.

Revenue officials say the department's website offers a convenient and secure way for taxpayers to file and pay these taxes online.

Taxpayers can also visit the "online services" section of the agency's website to file and pay these taxes and to learn more information.

"We are pleased to be able to provide electronic filing and payment options, as well as other electronic tools for assistance, to Tennessee's taxpayers," Revenue Commissioner Richard Roberts said in a news release. "Electronically filing tax returns and payments saves valuable time for tax preparers and Department of Revenue staff. These efficiencies translate into savings for Tennessee's taxpayers."

The department says it stands ready to ready to help taxpayers with questions. Online assistance is available at www.tn.gov/revenue through the Revenue Help application. The online application is designed to help taxpayers search and find answers to their questions through informational articles.

Taxpayers may also submit questions to the department through the application, instead of waiting on the telephone for assistance.

Beginning today through April 16 the department will have extended call center hours from 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. (CDT) during the business week. Taxpayers may call 615-253-0600 (Nashville and outside Tennessee) or toll-free at (800) 342-1003.