Georgia's net tax revenues up by 9 percent

Gleaming in the sun, the gold-covered dome of the Georgia State Capitol building stands out against the skyline of the southern side of downtown Atlanta.

Georgia's net tax revenues for March totaled $1.43 billion, an increase of $118.5 million, or 9 percent, compared to March 2014. Year-to-date, net tax revenue collections totaled $13.85 billion for an increase of $794.8 million, or 6.1 percent, compared to the previous fiscal year, when net tax revenues totaled $13.05 billion through nine months.

The biggest gain came from higher payments of individual income taxes, which were up 13.8 percent to $543.5 million last month. Sales tax collections during the month totaled $801.2 million, an increase of 1.3 percent from the year-ago level.