Puppies rescued from box left at Goodwill site

The box that puppies were put in and left at the Goodwill is seen in this contributed photo.

photo One of the puppies that were left in a box and left at a are seen in this photo.

Three puppies crammed into a cardboard box and abandoned at a Goodwill drop-off site were rescued when a woman noticed the taped-up box moving, according to the McKamey Animal Center.

The center is offering a $200 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of whoever crammed the pups into the box labeled "STUFFED ANIMALS," a post on the McKamey Facebook page says.

The box was taped too tightly for the pups to escape and left in the parking lot of Goodwill's Highway 58 drop-off site.

The woman noticed movement and tore a hole in the box, discovering the dogs.