Dalton man arrested for shooting dog in face

Charles Anthony Bennett

A man was arrested Thursday after shooting a dog because he was trying to put it down, according to a police report from the Whitfield County, Ga., Sheriff's department.

Charles Anthony Bennett, 55, is being charged with cruelty to animals for the incident.

Bennett told police he took in a stray dog, but it was causing property damage at his home, so he decided to put it down. He drove to a wooded area on Stover Creek Road and shot the dog with a .22 caliber pistol.

photo Charles Anthony Bennett

He shot the dog, but did not kill it. The dog ran off and Bennett was not able to catch it, and he left the scene, the report said.

A couple was walking their dogs when they heard the gunshot. At first, the couple thought it was someone target practicing. But then they saw the small brown dog which had a gun shot wound to the left side of its face.

The couple heard a vehicle and identified it as Bennett's gray dodge truck. At that time the couple called authorities, who were able to locate Bennett and arrested him.

The couple was able to locate the dog and brought it to the Whitfield County Animal Hospital, the report said. The veterinarian said the dog was shot with rat shot, and would likely lose its left eye.

Bennett has been released on bond, according to the Whitfield County Detention Center.