Cook: The universal wound of Lee Highway

Charlene Jacobs, right, kneels to pay her respects Monday while at the Lee Highway memorial set up for last Thursday's Chattanooga shooting victims.

Violence is a breach in the natural order of things; to suffer violence feels like a rupture, like having something proper and holy torn apart.

The etymology of the word comes from the Latin "violare," which also gives us "violation." Theft. Rape. Murder. Abuse. Starvation, poverty and pollution. They are all forms of violence, all acts that violate and dishonor the dignity of the human body and spirit.

"God is life and everything that does violence to life is against God," the French Resistance activist Jacques Lusseyran said.

"Violence tears the fabric of life," peace scholar Michael Nagler declared.

Thursday, Mohammad Youssef Abdulazeez's violence tore apart the fabric of life in Chattanooga.