44 guns stolen in three minutes, Dalton police say

Dalton, Ga., police are looking for two men suspected of stealing 44 guns from a pawnshop.

Police spokesman Bruce Frazier said the unidentified suspects broke into Dalton Pawn Brokers, 308 S. Hamilton St., around 1:20 a.m. Monday. They broke through a gate using bolt cutters, cracked the entrance, smashed some glass cases and piled handguns and gold-plated jewelry into bags.

Though the alarm sounded and police responded, Frazier said the burglars were gone within three minutes of the break-in. Security camera footage did not capture their vehicle, and the men covered themselves with coats, hoods, masks and gloves.

"We can't even say for sure what skin color, ethnicity, facial features," Frazier said. "Nothing like that, we can see."

The police have received calls about similar thefts in other areas but don't know if they are related. Officers hope someone will come forward with more information - perhaps the thieves have bragged about their score, or a friend has noticed a new slew of guns in the closet.

"We're not even 100 percent certain that these are guys from our area," Frazier said. "But I don't know why you drive all the way from Dalton if you're not from here to break into a pawnshop."