Software developers keep outdated tech relevant thanks to Chattanooga's Open Device Lab

Guillermo Martinez, a graphic designer and web developer at Humanaut, a Chattanooga-based "brand invention agency," says: "It's just important to have the Internet be accessible to anyone, regardless of your income or the phone you have." He is testing the user experience of a client's website on older, sometimes obsolete devices provided by Chattanooga Open Device Lab.

I think everyone deserves an opportunity to be able to check their bank balance or to research their city government or just to send photos to their kids. I think if [developers] cater to too small of an audience, you miss out on an opportunity to reach more people and to have more of an impact and have your business be more successful.

photo Aaron Gustafson plugs devices in to recharge at Chattanooga Open Device Lab, which helps developers test newly developed software that will run on older, out-of-date devices such as the original iPhone.

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Donate a deviceIf you have an outdated phone or another older device with a functional wireless signal and an Internet browser, you can donate it through the global Open Device Lab initiative Donate Your Dusty Device.