Sohn: It's school crunch time, and we have status quo

The Hamilton County Board of Education voted to name Kirk Kelly interim superintendent Thursday.

The misguided rationale Thursday for a Hamilton County Board of Education vote to keep the status quo in the school system's central office was, from board member Steve Highlander: "This is the school year's crunch time."

It's crunch time so, despite the change everyone - even the school board - is calling for in our schools, the majority of the board voted to keep things the same. They voted to name Kirk Kelly, the longtime assistant superintendent of testing and accountability, as the new interim schools superintendent.

Unbelievable. Just unbelievable. It seems a bit like noticing a skillet of grease flaming on your stove but choosing not to grab the fire extinguisher because you have to finish sweeping the floor.

Of course it's crunch time. It's been crunch time for years.

It was crunch time the first moment anyone noticed that a growing percentage of our third and fourth-graders were not reading at grade level.