Homes rebuilt, but sense of security blown away after deadly twisters

Apison and Bradley County, Tenn., still recovering from 2011 tornado outbreak

Jose Trejo Mejia {CQ} rolls out a wheelbarrow of crumbled ceiling tile and other debris down the main corridor of Blue Springs Elementary School on Thursday, April 5, 2012. Workers with Hampton Backhoe Service, LLC, based in Athens, Tenn., continued the demolition of Blue Springs Elementary School in Bradley County. The school was heavily damaged in the tornadoes of April 2011. Salvageable materials are being removed from the site before the complex is completely demolished.

Five years after the 2011 tornado outbreak, people are still healing from the terror and heartache of that day. But some scars are more apparent than others.

The tornadoes, some a mile wide, barreled through the lives of thousands in their paths and left wastelands behind. Trees older than anyone alive were ripped from the ground and launched like missiles into buildings. Brick homes were wiped clean off the face of the Earth, leaving behind only bare, concrete slabs.