Greeson: Back to school means we need to get back to what's important

Back to school.

That's where Hamilton County students are headed this morning.

Back to school.

For businesses, the "back-to-school" tag generates as much across-the-board buying as anything this side of Santa Claus coming to town.

photo Jay Greeson

According to national reports, back-to-school shopping topped the $75 billion mark this year - a figure that seems to show we care more about what our students wear than just about anything else.

Back to school, yeah right, after we swing by the ATM.

My third-grader says he's super excited to get back to school and even is "looking forward to the homework, believe it or not."

Somehow, it's hard to believe that he'll have that same feeling after Labor Day.

Still, it's reassuring for any parent to know their kids enjoy school.