Sentence in 1973 Chickamauga murder finally resolved


LaFAYETTE, Ga. - Forty-three years ago, Eddie Sizemore found his father in the back of the family's Chickamauga grocery store, beaten and shot, blood streaming down his chest.

"I lived with this for a long time," Sizemore testified Friday afternoon during a court hearing in Walker County. "I still can't "

Sizemore stopped. His face tightened. He tapped the wood in front of him, took a breath.

He did not look to his right, where his father's killer sat.

"I see it every day," Sizemore said. "How he was shot. How he was killed. Everything. I see everything."

Wilburn Wiley Dobbs killed Roy Lee Sizemore in December 1973. A jury convicted him of murder in May 1974 and sentenced him to death. But a higher court's ruling, followed by years of waiting, brought Dobbs and his victim's family back into the courtroom Friday.