Lost dog Oakley has been found

Oakley, the yellow lab/shepherd mix that went missing in the Trenton, Ga., area has been reunited with his owner, James El-Ajam. The two were part of a Sunday Life story about finding lost pets using the internet. Oakley went missing Nov. 23 after the two were in a wreck. A family from Rising Fawn, Ga., sent a Facebook message that Oakley followed their daughters home from the school bus, says El-Ajam's sister, Liza El-Ajam. The family sheltered Oakley until El-Ajam arrived.

El-Ajam and his sister already were in the area, checking out a reported sighting of Oakley that turned out to be mistaken, but the family that reported the sighting drove the El-Ajam's to the house where Oakley actually was.