Walker County commissioner-elect looks for landfill, codes enforcement employees

Republican Walker County commissioner candidate Shannon Whitfield, right, talks with Rusty Hays at an election return party at the Bank of Lafayette's community room on Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2016, in Lafayette, Ga.
photo Shannon Whitfield

Walker County, Ga., Commissioner-elect Shannon Whitfield is looking for some new county employees.

Whitfield posted on his public Facebook page Saturday, announcing four job openings in the county: codes enforcement officer, county clerk, landfill operator and spokesperson. Some of the positions are in areas Whitfield criticized this year during his campaign.

In particular, Whitfield said the county should be making money on its landfill. Audits show the operation lost $1.8 million from fiscal year 2013-15. He wasn't sure how specifically to turn the finances around, though on a basic level he said county employees need to change locks.

The landfill is closed on Wednesdays, and Whitfield said truck drivers know the entrance code. They deposit trash without paying a fee.