Cost of Watts Bar nuclear reactor rises by $200 million to $4.7 billion

TVA President Bill Johnson talks about the start up of another reactor at the Watts Bar Nuclear Plant, which is helping TVA reduce its carbon emissions and meet new EPA rules. As a result, Tennessee is not challenging the EPA regulation like 27 other states are this year.

America's first new nuclear power plant to be built in the 21st century could end up costing $200 million more than what was forecast last year - and nearly double the price projected less than nine years ago when the Tennessee Valley Authority decided to resume work on the then-mothballed plant.

But after 43 years of stops and starts, the Unit 2 reactor at the Watts Bar Nuclear Power Plant should be completed and generating power by June at a cost far below what other new nuclear plants are costing to build.

TVA disclosed Wednesday that its board voted last month to provide up to $200 million more to finish a second unit at Watts Bar after crews determined work could not be finished within the $4.5 billion previously allocated for the completion project.