Greeson: Those at fault at Ooltewah should face scary times

Jay Greeson

The headline stated, "Life about to get scary for adults in Ooltewah case."

That may be the best news to come of the heart-wrenching nightmare that was last month's Ooltewah High School basketball road trip.

By now the details are as familiar as Hamilton Place mall to everyone around Chattanooga.

There may never be real answers about why something so harsh and hateful was done. Some things don't have an explanation, and evil is chief among them.

There are two main remaining questions - who in the chain of command knew what, and when did they know it; and was the victim of the serious assault targeted because he tried to report the original hazing to the coaching staff. That would carry heavy impact for the coaches, teachers and administrators at Ooltewah and into the upper administration of the school system.