Hosanna Community gets housing assistance

One of the residences at the Hosanna Community is photographed on Monday, Jan. 25, 2016, in Chattanooga, Tenn.

Sometimes, Hosanna Community Executive Director Susan DiStefano sleeps at her job to provide 24-hour care to residents with brain injuries. She doesn't have the budget to pay anyone else to do it.

For years, the nonprofit organization has been at the mercy of fundraisers, churches, private donors and grants to keep operating.

This month, the Chattanooga Housing Authority provided the Hosanna Community with help.

Housing officials gave the community 17 project-based vouchers that will pay rent for low-income people who live there. And if a person lives there for a year and relocates while in good standing, CHA will give the resident a mobile voucher to assist with rent when he or she relocates.

photo Board chairman Suzanne Barels (CQ) and CEO Susan DiStefano, right, of the Hosanna Community are interviewed at the facility on Monday, Jan.