Tennessee 'slow poke' law could soon ban slow drivers from fast lane

File photo - Trooper Hoyt James of the Tennessee Highway Patrol issues a speeding ticket to a motorist traveling 12 miles over the speed limit northbound on Highway 27 in 2016.
photo Rep. Dan Howell

NASHVILLE - OK, you're cruising east along the three-lane section of Interstate 24 toward Chattanooga's Missionary Ridge cut when you switch over to the left lane to bypass slowing traffic caused by a heavy truck laboring up the grade.

But you find yourself slamming on the brakes when you realize you're now stuck behind an equally slow car clogging up the passing lane.

State Rep. Dan Howell, R-Georgetown, shares your frustration. And on Monday, he's counting on at least 49 House colleagues to join him in voting "yes" on his proposed "Slowpoke Law."

Howell said he wants to promote safety and reduce "congestion, driver frustration and road rage" by updating state traffic law. His bill says motorists may not drive in the passing lane on interstates or divided highways with at least three lanes except to pass.