Chattanooga-based e-signature provider inks deal with Knoxville-based bank

Pem Guerry
photo Andy Muldoon

The Chattanooga-based electronic signature company Signix will handle electronic signatures for The Trust Co., a Knoxville-based state-chartered bank that also operates in Chattanooga.

Andy Muldoon, senior vice president at The Trust Company in Chattanooga, said The Trust Co. signed an agreement with Signix to help Trust Company clients gain the easy-to-use convenience of signing many documents via computer from nearly anywhere.

"We love that Signix offers a cloud-based Independent e-Signature solution that gives our customers instant access to transactions that they can sign online on any device at anytime," he said. "Another benefit of working with Signix is that they are a Tennessee-based company, and we always take advantage of the opportunity to work with nationally recognized local companies that we can view as a partner and not just another vendor."

Jay Jumper, CEO of Signix, said his company deploys the highest levels of identity authentication and encryption, comprehensive audit trails and tamper-evident technology to assure the safety and security of e-signatures and e-signed documents.

"We understand the compliance burdens that the financial services industry faces, and that's why our solution is the leading choice in highly regulated industries," Jumper said. "We're excited to be working with an industry leader that's so close to home, and we are looking forward to delighting their customers with our product."

The Trust Company is the latest addition to Signix's growing list of financial services clients. Most of the companies using Signix's signature technology are in the real estate, health care, government and other business sectors across the United States. Pem Guerry, an executive vice president for Signix, said the Trust Company is one of the first trust operations to use its services "and it was important to us and them to have a local presence."

"One of the most compelling aspects of our technology is for trust companies, which can be helpful in dealing with all the documents between the trustee, trust administrator, the portfolio manager and any of several beneficiaries that may be involved in a trust arrangement in different places," Guerry said. "You could have more than a dozen original copies of some documents needing signatures with all of these parties and to do so in the paper world, in many instances, is very difficult."

Trust Co. will be a direct customer for Signix, which derives about 80 percent of its business overall from partnerships. Guerry said Signix more than tripled the number of its business partnerships in 2015 "and we would expect four or five times as many partnerships by the end of 2016.

"Growth is quite good for us," Guerry said.

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