Three young Chattanoogans provide new way to analyze school spending

Metro Ideas Project Executive Director Joda Thongnopnua, right, talks to attendees at a Wonk Wednesdays gathering in the Edney Building. The independent non-profit start-up is rethinking the traditional policy research model.

I think that policy makers tend to make better decisions when they have better information, and there is a well-informed and engaged public advocating for where they want the community to go to.

photo Joda Thongnopnua, center, David Morton, left, and Jackie Homann work at the Metro Ideas project, and independent non-profit start up that is rethinking the traditional policy research model.

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A stuffy boardroom and 30 black and white pages of data analysis is not how the Metro Ideas Project approaches public policy.

Instead the team of three young thinkers is tackling the complexities of Hamilton County education spending and working to present that information in a digestible and engaging way to help inform lawmakers and taxpayers alike.