Campaign mailer draws attention to mayoral hopeful in District 7

Chris Anderson campaign flyer
photo Erskine Oglesby

Chattanooga City Council District 7 candidate Erskine Oglesby says his opponent's claims that he is "propped up" by failed mayoral hopeful Larry Grohn, a tea party Republican, are ridiculous.

Councilman Chris Anderson linked Oglesby and Grohn in a mailer sent in the final week of early voting for the April 11 runoff election. In the March 7 contest, Anderson fell just short of a majority in the District 7 race and Oglesby came in second, forcing a runoff.

"Larry Grohn has absolutely, positively nothing to do with my campaign," Oglesby said Thursday. "I think the runoff election should be about our vision and he [Anderson] chose to use deceptive ads."

Grohn, who ends a four-year term on the City Council in mid-April, said in a statement he has taken "personal offense" to Anderson for "dragging me into his runoff campaign with the malicious statements he knows are untrue."