Health inspector catches employees not washing hands

Bojangles will open its newest restaurant on Highway 58 next Tuesday with free coffee, gift cards and other giveaways.

Hamilton County's health inspector found that employees weren't washing their hands properly, found flies in the sink, and noticed that food being served to customers wasn't stored at the correct temperature during a recent inspection of the Bojangles on Ringgold Road.

The restaurant received a 78 - any score below a 70 is considered failing - for those reasons as well as improper sanitizing of equipment.

One restaurant failed, receiving a 56. When the inspector visited Nakato Hibachi on Battlefield Parkway, they observed food being contaminated during storage, in addition to employees not washing hands and a lack of an adequate hand washing sink. In addition, the restaurant didn't store food at the proper temperature, according to the report.

During the same round of inspections, three restaurants received perfect scores:

* Honey & Hive Baking on harrison Bay Road

* Amigo's Mexican Restaurant on Dayton Boulevard

* Griffin's Footlong Hot Dogs at Main Street

The health inspector also looks at hotels, school facilities and school cafeterias.

The lowest school score belonged to Ooltewah High School, which received an 89. The highest score went to Brainerd Baptist School, which scored 10 points higher - a 99 out of a possible 100.

School cafeterias received universally good scores this time around, and both hotels inspected - the Country Inn and Suits and the Holiday Inn Express on New Country Drive and Artesian Circle, respectively, received perfect scores.