Loosened restrictions could bring more urban farms

D.B. Reisen, owner of Bo Peep's Black Sheep, treats her horse Daisy to a snack at Coolidge Urban Farm. Reisen co-owns the sustainable family farm on Davidson Road with her son, Aaron Coolidge. (Staff photo by Myron Madden)
photo D.B. Reisen, co-owner of Coolidge Urban Farm, displays a few of the eco-friendly wool dryer balls she sells through her business, Bo Peep's Black Sheep. The handmade product's material comes from sheep shorn on her sustainable family farm along Davidson Road. (Staff photo by Myron Madden)

From the front, D.B. Reisen's home looks no different than any other lining Davidson Road.

Step out back, however, and you'll find a dozen chickens clustered in a shed, 15 sheep grazing under the protection of a coyote-kicking guard horse, and a trio of cattle watching it all lazily from behind a hot-wire fence.

The scene is not completely uncommon along the well-trafficked corridor. A handful of Reisen's neighbors house goats, donkeys and chickens of their own.