Willard Clifton Land convicted of second-degree murder in death of Kerry Summer Angel

74 years old
photo 74 years old

DUNLAP, Tenn. - A jury of seven men and five women deliberated for just under two hours before finding Willard C. "Bill" Land guilty of second-degree murder in the Oct. 11, 2014, steak knife slaying of 24-year-old Kerry Summer Angel.

Land, 74, was originally charged with first-degree murder when he was arrested the day of the killing.

"I am extremely grateful to the [district attorney's office and staff] for keeping some other woman from being killed," Angel's mother, Carolyn Bragg, said after the verdict.

"We're very pleased with the verdict. The jury obviously took a lot of care in reaching their decision," 12th Judicial District Assistant District Attorney Steve Strain said.

Public Defender Jeff Harmon called several witnesses Friday morning who knew Land and Angel or who had observed the alleged behavior of the accused and victim, and a family member who claimed to have found a knife the investigators missed at the crime scene.