Chattanooga economic outlook for 2017

Optimism In the Air

What is your outlook for the Chattanooga economy in the year ahead?Better - 52.2 percentSame - 32.2 percentWorse - 5.8 percentDon’t know - 8.9 percentIn the next year, how do you expect your personal financial situation to change?Better - 45.3 percentSame - 40.3 percentWorse - 5.9 percentDon’t know - 5.5 percent Compared with a year ago, how is your personal financial situaiton?Better - 31.4 percentSame - 51.4 percentWorse - 16.7 percentDo you think that Chattanooga is headed in the right direction or the wrong direction?68.6 percent - Right direction16.4 percent - Wrong direction15 percent - Don’t know or no answerSource: Election day survey of 360 randomly selected voters across Hamilton County by the Chattanooga TImes Free Press. The survey has a margin of error of plus or minus 6 percent.