Hill: The myth that working women can have it all

Rosemarie Hill

You actually can achieve your own version of work-life balance, but if anyone tells you that it is easy, they're delusional. All working women recognize this scene:

You're on your way to work in plenty of time for your presentation at 9 a.m. Your 4-year-old sobs, "Mommy, my tummy hurts." You reply that she'll be OK as you feel her forehead and decide her temperature can't possibly be above 102. You can still take her to daycare and get to your presentation.

But that's not what happens, is it? You've got to get your baby back home. You know it, we all know it. Your presentation and the six clients who are coming to hear it are on hold. But, oh wait, you remember you have a loving husband who shares child care.