St. Peter's School fourth-graders research, publish 'Hometown History for Kids' [photos]

Jennifer von Klar hands out homework coupons to Jayden Nguyen, 11, and Miles Busch, 10, in her fourth-grade classroom at St. Peter's Episcopal School. Her students created their own Chattanooga history book and presented it to Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke this month.

A proud smile curved across 11-year old Ward Richey's face and his body rocked side to side as he enthusiastically explained his research on the Terminal Station.

"It's known as the Chattanooga Choo Choo," he began.

"A lot of famous people visited Chattanooga. I thought it was just this small town that no one knew about. Then I figured out that (former President) Woodrow Wilson went there and (former President) Teddy Roosevelt and (singer and actor) Elvis Presley went there," he said, citing the people who visited the city by railroad.

Ward beamed with so much excitement that he hit the back of his hand into his palm for emphasis.