Jeff Styles launches website in personal defense of road rage incident

Jeff Styles
Jeff Styles
photo Jeff Styles launches website in defense of his road rage incident.
photo Jeff Styles

If it can happen to Jeff Styles, it can happen to you, at least according to Jeff Styles.

The embattled radio host has launched a website to defend himself in his road rage case that ended with him being shot.

An excerpt from the website reads:

I've made many (thin-skinned and pissy) enemies as well as many friends...both meek and powerful. CEO's, Mayors, legislators and special interest groups have all taken their shots at me over the years. All have failed. Until, that is, on June 15th, 2018...when a truly terrifying and ultimately life-destroying sequence....none of MY choosing...was set into motion. And you might be next.

Styles attempts to paint a picture of the road rage incident and what happened that day from his perspective. He explains his "defense weapon" and how he acted. Styles also challenges the man who shot him as anything but a model citizen by detailing his traffic violations and arrests.

The website also has an hour-length podcast where Styles details the event, before and after, in great detail.

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