Tennessee senator revising resolution to let General Assembly name state's attorneys general

Tennessee State Capitol downtown Nashville. Photo by Ricky Rogers (The Tennessean) 4/27/2000

NASHVILLE - A Republican senator said Monday he is revising his resolution that would change the Tennessee Constitution and put the General Assembly in charge of naming the state's next attorney general.

Senate State and Local Committee Chairman Ken Yager, R-Kingston, said the move came after discussions with Sen. Art Swann, R-Maryville, who has an amendment to alter Yager's proposed Senate Joint Resolution 88.

Yager's resolution would begin the years-long process of amending the Tennessee Constitution to take the selection of the state attorney general away from the state Supreme Court and give the decision over to members of the House and Senate.

photo Ken Yager

Swann's idea is to allow the five Supreme Court justices to nominate the attorney general with the House and Senate later voting to confirm or reject the candidate.