Side Orders: Asian barbecue a super idea for football watch parties

Make Asian barbecue in your slow cooker for Super Bowl Sunday.

We are now well-entrenched in the winter season, and with that, Crock Pots have reappeared from their warmer-weather resting places. By this time, you may have used your slow cooker so much, you've tired of slow-cooker chicken, pot roast, spaghetti and all those other slow-cooked dinners. As good as they are - and of course, simple since the cooker does most, if not all, the cooking - they do get tiresome meal after meal. So recently, I went in search of something totally different, giving me a good reason to invest in a new Crock Pot since my old one finally gave up the ghost over Christmas.

With spring just around the corner, you might be longing for a good barbecue smoked for hours, but getting outside in the cold to warm up the smoker and tend the meat all day is out of the question.