Lookout Mountain community is down to earth

Brandon, Tim and Marshana Sharp, from left, look out over Lookout Valley from an observation point at Point Park atop Lookout Mountain.
photo Golfers warm up on the putting green at the Lookout Mountain Club.

Ask Lookout Mountain leaders what the best thing about their community is and the first word you're likely to hear is "safe."

It's a safe community to go outside and walk, jog, or hike the spiderweb of trails that wind up, down and over the mountain. It's safe for elders to walk their dogs or parents to stroll with babies.

"My children walk to school. They can walk on the common and play sports," says Lucia Hopper, who operates the Lookout Mountain Mirror, the community paper that keeps neighbors up to date on local events and personalities.

Top-notch police and medical response play into that sense of safety, say the mayors of the community, which straddles the Tennessee/Georgia line.