Wiedmer: A Hall of Fame class that doesn't come along every year

Schaack van Deusen, right, coached wrestling a combined 40 years at Baylor and Notre Dame. He was one of eight inductees to the Lookout Mountain Sports Hall of Fame on Sunday.

Unlike most such entities, the Lookout Mountain Sports Hall of Fame doesn't elect a new class every year. It waits for one large enough and deserving enough to come along, then stages the ceremony in the ageless Lookout Mountain School gym, where most of the inductees had their first P.E. classes, participated in their first kickball game or swished their first basketball shot.

Given that the school in its current form was built in 1929 and still houses but 175 students, it's a pretty warm and fuzzy event, one wrapped in both wistfulness and wisdom, and every now and again, a wisecrack or two.

And so it was that when it came time for two of this year's eight inductees to introduce each other Sunday afternoon, great friends and old tennis rivals Pem Guerry and Jack Webb - opponents during their days at Baylor and McCallie, respectively - couldn't resist a wee bit of fun.