Some Catoosa County voting machines timing out causing slight delays

Catoosa County Election technician Rebekah Crawford moves a cart of voting machines to be ready for transport to various locations around Catoosa County.

Some Catoosa County voters are having a little hiccup with the machines at the polls today.

Tonya Moore, director of the Catoosa County Elections and Registration Department, said that, while it hasn't been an actual problem, some machines were timing out after voters select the "large text" option.

"The issue is the ballot is so long that if you press large text, it takes it from an 11-page ballot to an 18-page ballot, and the machine times out," Moore said.

By the time voters get to the end of the ballot, a pop-up box would appear asking them to return to the instructions page, she said.

But the issue is not causing too much backup in lines, Moore said. She said voting is taking a bit more time because the ballot is longer than usual, and the amount of people heading to the polls is trending around average for a primary election.

As of 2:30 p.m., she said 1,800 of 38,670 registered voters cast their ballots. During early voting, 1,492 votes were cast.

Polls close today at 7 p.m.