Hart: Kanye raps a song Trump likes

Musician Kanye West speaks with President Donald Trump during a meeting in the Oval Office of the White House on Oct. 11, 2018, in Washington. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

Kanye West left California and flew east to visit with Donald Trump. Their meeting was quite interesting. Now the media has to redouble their efforts to destroy Kanye, an African-American who dares to think for himself and is trying to escape the Democrat plantation that owns the black vote.

It is hypocritical that the Democrats pretend to be against bullying when their main tactic to take down someone is to make fun of, besmirch and bully them in their domain of media, academia and comedy.

Predictably, vicious Kanye late-night jokes followed. They seem to be saying that Kanye is so dumb and out of control, he should be a part of the white side of Meghan Markle's family.

photo Ron Hart

Kanye was born in Atlanta. His dad was the first black photojournalist for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. His mom was a professor of English at Clark Atlanta University. Later, she chaired the English department at Chicago State. Kanye's net worth is in the hundreds of millions, as is his wife Kim Kardashian's net worth. He's not dumb - he's smart - and that worries the left.

His points made in the Oval Office with Trump were spot-on, from jobs coming back to America and the prison state the United States runs.

In fact, prison reform and reducing the police state in America are issues that Trump and Jared Kushner should get behind. He sees with the FBI/Mueller $44 million investigation just how petty, expensive and unaccountable law enforcement can be.

If Democrats lose the mindless lock they have on the African-American vote, they cannot win elections. They cannot afford to lose other minority thought-leader celebrities. They will be really scared if Ice-T changes his name to Arnold Palmer.

Much has been made of Kanye's rejection of the slavery mindset in his "minstrel show," as snarky Don Lemon called it. Almost all countries on earth were involved in slavery at some point in their history. America hasn't had slaves for 150 years - unless you count interns at CNN.

The pernicious slicing and dicing of purportedly wronged voters into buckets of victims known as identity politics was accelerated under Obama and carried out by Eric Holder, his enforcer attorney general. Sadly, both were in a position to heal racial wounds and did just the opposite. Thus Trump.

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Racial issues are intensifying, yet racial double standards remain. Whites can listen to rap music, but we certainly cannot sing along. Whites cannot sort laundry without being called racist now. Calling opponents names is easier for the left than reasoning through the issues with facts.

Kanye seems willing and able to have a reasoned discussion on race, and how the victimization mindset hurts blacks. He talks of the welfare state's effect on black Americans and Democrats' willingness to dangle government handouts in return for their vote. He realizes: The cheese in the trap is always free.

The left continues to divide us by race and gender (Kavanaugh debacle) with false narratives. If you are a Democrat, it is a badge of honor to pretend to be a victim.

The DNA test that Elizabeth Warren released showing her less-Native-American-than-the-average-American heritage is another example. She also has milked the #MeToo movement. She can meld the Native American lie with the women always victims lies and launch the #MeSioux movement.

Trump said he would pay $1 million if she proved she was Native American. Now that everyone knows she is not, Kanye and Trump should buy Elizabeth Warren a super white Jeep Comanche for the 2020 campaign trail of tears.

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