Chattanooga's M.L. King Boulevard is now a test bed for Smart City research

The different colors represent different types of objects on the city's new "Smart City Corridor" on M.L. King Boulevard. At Peeples Street and M.L. King Boulevard, cameras and sensors have detected that some pedestrians are jay walking and some vehicles are veering into the bike lane. / Photo provided by the Center for Urban Informatics & Progress

At the intersection of Peeples Street and M.L. King Boulevard in downtown Chattanooga, more than 230,000 different "objects" - vehicles, bikes and pedestrians - have passed through in the last two weeks.

Generally, more objects are traveling east rather than west, and there are signs of jay walking and vehicles swerving into bike lanes at times. This information is useful because it helps researchers and students at the Center for Urban Informatics and Progress, or CUIP, determine if a flashing crosswalk in the area or widening bike lanes could make it safer.

The Peeples Street intersection is one of eight between Central Avenue and Market Street along M.L. King Bouelvard outfitted with cameras and sensors to record traffic patterns and safety in the downtown urban area as part of a new, multi-agency "Smart City Corridor."